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Series Overview

Ellen and her friends fight to survive in a ruined world full of magic and monsters. A fantasy adventure that encompasses both books and video games.

Majula Frontier: The Offense

A free to play side adventure that takes place after the events of Majula Frontier.


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Part 6 in the Ellen's Friends story

The sky over Majula is turning black, the ground is starting to decay, and monsters are returning to the world, forcing a group of retired heroes to band together once more. Their task: find the source of the decay and the monsters and put a stop to it before their home is destroyed and the ground beneath them rots away to nothing.


A challenging fantasy RPG with turn-based combat, town management, character customization, crafting and light dungeon crawling.

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Majula Frontier (Original Game Soundtrack)

By Dale North



The Ellen's Friends book series

Book 1: Forlorn Dimension
Book 2: Ellen's Castle
Book 3: Scouring Majula
Book 4: Former Fortress Brigade
Book 5: Challenging The Dream

How does it all fit together?

Ellen's Friends is an overarching, continuous story.The story order is:

  1. Forlorn Dimension

  2. Ellen's Castle

  3. Scouring Majula

  4. Former Fortress Brigade

  5. Challenging The Dream

  6. Majula Frontier

  7. Majula Frontier: The Offense

Additional Help

The following people and groups are not employees of EF Universe Games, but have contributed to its success.

Book Covers

Dan Van Oss - CoverMint



Dale North - Scarlet Moon Artists

Music for Majula Frontier and EF Universe: Reclaiming the World



JR Trimpe

Major boss battle music for Majula Frontier


Sound Effects

Justin Lassen - Scarlet Moon Artists

Sound Effects for Majula Frontier


Additional Art

Fabled Frame Animation

Character portraits for Majula Frontier, icons, banner images and logos, card portraits and backgrounds for EF Universe: Reclaiming the World